Saturday, July 3, 2010

From the studios of Douchetopia! Parentdish serves children on a platter!

Good morning! Summer here with a late breaking story!  Seems that the folks over at Parentdish a site owned by AOL are condoning the call for euthanasia!  After a recent article about the use of electro shock as aversion therapy, the good commenters over at Parentdish had a thing or two to say! "Drown them at birth" cried one parent.."You can use this treatment because "THEY" don't feel pain the way that "WE" do" said another. "Why were these children allowed even to be born?" moaned another. Calls for compassion and humanity from other commenter's fell on deaf ears. "Quit your whining and raise them in your own home if you don't like it!" was the response. Inquiries to the editorial team at Parentdish have yet to be answered.  Makes one  wonder why a site that supposedly encourages discussion of parenting let these comments on?  Does Parentdish encourage the support of euthanasia for the disabled?  Or in allowing these commenters free reign are they giving an example of who really ought to be euthanized?  Either way, we here at the studios of Douchtopia are stunned!  Here's correspondent Eve with more commentary on the subject.  But first a  song by our musical guest!

I was absolutely astounded by what I read over there, Summer! A site supposedly for parents about parenting seems instead to be a shark-infested pool of sociopaths. Despite flagging comments as inappropriate, none have been removed.

Yes, dear viewers, it would appear, looking around at the various articles at Parentdish, and the incredible hatemongering that seems to stay right on the site despite the report buttons, that Parentdish has a habit of bringing out the douchiest people and rewarding them by letting their hatefilled rants stay on, some of them, for years.

Summer and I believe that only douches of the highest magnitude could write these kinds of things: "The only humane thing to do is to put these people down like you would a horse, suffering from a broken leg."

So here's to Parentdish and all the douches on its webpages:

We'll take a moment here, though, to praise those commenters who wade into that cesspool and try to speak with compassion and reason. It's an uphill battle.

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